Making Compost
  • Place bin on ground, not on concrete. Collect material in bin until bin is very full. (All garden waste, grass cuttings, leaves, prunings etc. plus green kitchen waste (uncooked) ) Do not use thick stems or branches that will not break down easily. Cut long plants into shorter lengths which compost readily. Always mix grass cuttings immediately into contents otherwise they will become a wet, smelly layer. When bin is very full, remove and put back in layers with fresh animal manure ( cow, horse, chicken, pigeon is all good) . Using a watering-can or fine spray from a hose, moisten each layer as you work. Mixture should be just moist not wet. Do not press down as air in the mixture is vital for the decomposition. A sack of fresh manure will be enough, obtainable from any stable. Cover with a piece of old carpet, or plastic sheet. If left untouched, the compost will be ready in 5 6 months but may be less than 2 months if contents of bin are turned over frequently. It is usual to have several bins on the go at once, collecting material in one, mixing that with manure into the next bin and turning that mixture into the third bin to produce the finished compost.