About Neem OIL
  • Neem oil is a natural pest control produced from the fruit of the Neem tree. It is absolutely non toxic, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
    It does not destroy natural predators and parasites of pests therefore allowing the pestís natural enemies to keep a check on pest populations.
    It controls nearly 200 different pests, working on the insectís hormone system and preventing it from feeding, breeding or metamorphosing.
    Among many others Neem oil controls Aphids, Caterpillars, Leaf Miners, Weevils, White fly, Thrips, Spider Mite and Nematodes

    Some of our customers use Neem oil for washing their dogs and horses to prevent skin problems. One uses it for his aviary saying it controls the parasites and insects which attack the birds.
    Neem oil also has many medical uses. In India it is known as the Pharmacy tree.

  • Price:
     1 Litre Bottle:   4.2 BD

    Directions on how to use Neem Oil:

    DILUTION RATES For 1 litre mixture:
     5ml (1tsp) Neem oil
     Ĺ tsp soft soap (e.g. washing-up liquid)
     1 litre water.

     1. First add the soft soap to the Neem oil and shake very well, then add to the water and shake well again. This will help to emulsify the oil.
     2. Apply as a spray to both sides of leaf. Use within 8 hours of mixing and rinse sprayer immediately after use.

    NOTE: Make up only sufficient quantity to be used in one spraying as the oil will solidify and block your sprayer.