Composted Manure
  • What can be more satisfying in gardening than making your own Compost ? Collecting all the grass cuttings, pruned material, dead leaves, spent annuals, vegetables and flowers (which have to be cleaned up anyway ! ) and turning them into a valuable fertilizer and soil conditioner with very little effort or expense. It does not make sense to throw out this organic material as refuse, and then actually PURCHASE chemicals to do the same job ! Garden waste contains all the fibre and minerals that make up the plants' structure and composting it just turns it into a form that is then available to the growing plant. Micro-organisms, beneficial bacteria and fungi will do this job for you if you create the right mixture of carbon (dead plant material), nitrogen (green plant material) , air and moisture. Keeping the mixture light and airy will help the mixture to heat up, (too hot to keep your hand in it) which in turn will speed up the whole process. At the Garden Nursery we make our compost regularly in wooden boxes made from recycled pallets and also in pits in the ground. We introduce fresh manure to the mix to increase the nitrogen content. We make so much that we have enough to spread over the nursery garden and still have some left over for sale. A sack of our home-made compost costs BD1/600. The Compost bins BD10/- But every gardener should be making his/her own compost. If you are growing plants then you are growing the material needed for compost ! It is the ultimate in Recycling ! We put a thin layer of well- rotted manure on the soil only in the cooler months of the year as it is too hot and strong and will burn the plant's fragile root system. A sack of well-rotted manure can be purchased for only BD1/- .