About the Garden Nursery
  • The Garden Nursery is a peaceful green oasis, where practically all plants, with very few exceptions are "MADE IN BAHRAIN". The plants are propagated by Anne and her helpers from local plants in Anneís and the Nurseryís garden as well as tropical seeds and bulbs from around the world, notably Oman, India, and South Africa. All new species have been tested to insure adaptability in Bahrainís climate during the winter and summer and can also be seen growing in the Nursery garden, where you can see how and where a particular plant likes to be situated with regard to sun, shade, support and other important factors.

    We pride ourselves in only using our own homemade garden compost and well rotted horse manure as fertiliser, and using a weekly organic Neem Oil spray to control pests. However we must admit to resorting to a chemical to control the dreaded mealybug in the extremely hot months of the year. Neem Oil, Bagged Garden Compost and Manure are all on sale in the nursery, along with our own Compost Bins made by our salesman and nurseryman, from recycled wood.

    Although small, we have a beautiful Water Lily pond that plays home to a large population of fast declining Bahraini frogs that without help will soon become part of history. We are pleased that the garden nursery has been able to contribute to reviving the Bahraini frog population by allowing regular customers to take home a jar of tadpoles that can populate other ponds around the island.

    Gardening in Bahrain is by Trial and Error! Types of soil vary hugely around the country, whether sandy, stony, clay , or silt. In some areas salinity is high, or there is a high water table which means poor drainage or deep sand which means thirsty, impoverished soil. And then there is the weather! It is all a challenge but a very rewarding one.

    The staff at the Garden Nursery welcomes you! Please drop in for a visit, to look for a plant, or to ask for advice. We are pleased to help you if we can because we have learnt the hard way, through trial and error so that you donít have to!