• Visit Us, Visit History!

The Garden Nursery is located right next to the historical temple of Barbar, an archeological site that goes back thousands of years and is considered to have been part of the Dilmun civilization. Make a day out of your visit, take advantage of the historical tour of the Barbar temple, and envision what was described in a 4000 year old epic poem, as the sacred island paradise of Dilmun through the peaceful green oasis of The Garden Nursery.

In the epic poem of Gilgamesh, Dilmun (Bahrain) is described as resembling the Sacred Garden of Eden, and we are proud to say that all our plants, with very few exceptions are "MADE IN BAHRAIN" and have truly created an oasis that undoubtedly resembles what was described in this famous epic poem.

The diverse family of plants, ranging from those that love the dry, hot, sunny weather to those that can only live in wet, cool, and shady areas simulate the exact same sensation when visiting a real oasis in the middle of the desert.

No oasis is complete without an alluring body of water, and the garden nursery is no exception. Although small, our beautiful Water Lily pond is an attraction that completes the experience, but also plays home to a large population of fast declining Bahraini frogs, that without help will soon also become part of history. We are pleased that the garden nursery has been able to contribute to reviving the Bahraini frog population by allowing regular customers to take home tadpoles that can populate other ponds around the island.

Visit us, and allow our staff to greet you with the friendliness and hospitality Bahrain has been known for, for centuries. For a map and directions visit us Here